Madh fishing village, Mumbai

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In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Madh fishing village is a quiet haven nudging the Arabian sea. A short drive or ferry crossing transports you to white sand beaches lined by palm tress and a thriving fishing community. The sea breeze is welcoming even though its tinged with the pungent smell of drying fish. It has the feel of a place where life drifts by as the old ways of fishing and preservation of the fish is carried out by the Kolis (fishermen) and their families. Egrets perch atop wooden poles keeping a watchful eye on the lines of sun dried fish, Bombay duck known locally as bombil, a name which can be traced back to the days of the Raj when the fish was transported on a train the Bombay Daak, daak is the Hindi word for mail. Small prawns are tipped out of baskets and into piles, then picked up in handfuls and scattered over the drying grounds by fisher-women in bright saris. Rolling waves tumble over dark rocks, striped coloured fishing boats bob back and forth tethered near the shore, clusters of blue and green nets and woven baskets line the stone jetty. A scene of daily life moving at a slower pace which is a stark contrast to the city so even a few hours spent here makes you feel refreshed and ready to return to the frenzied tempo of Mumbai.

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