“ Travelling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller. ” Ibn Battuta

How a love of travel turned me into a photojournalist and writer


In the course of a days work, I meet so many people, it may be a brief encounter, however their faces tell a story about how they live, work and play.




Wanderlust and the desire to document the world around me has been a lifelong passion. Whenever possible, I divert from the well-trodden tourist routes to search for the true flavour of the countries I visit. 



Published Work

My motto… ‘Have Camera – will travel’ has led to commissions and assignments for magazines, newspapers and guide books, my challenge is always to convey a story creatively through my photography and writing. 



Gower Gallery

Gower designated as Britain’s First Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with such dramatic coast and countryside on my doorstep how could I not become a photographer, each season the landscape changes weathered by storms, transformed by incredible light and breath-taking sunsets.  


Photojournalist, Travel Photographer and Writer

My travel has taken me all over the world and meant that I have worked for Various organisations and produced all manner of photographic and written pieces. These have included:

  • Commercial and business photography
  • Articles for magazines and online
  • Pictures for the web
  • Working for PR companies
  • Government and local authority work
  • Travel writing and photography
  • Photojournalism

I have also taught photography for many years sharing my skills and passion tailored to groups or individuals at any level.

You can reach me at any time via the website



Liz has been working with the Bay for about 10 years in that time she has contributed a huge number of travel articles. Liz is a skilled photojournalist whose attention to detail is stunning. She captures the very essence and spirit of a location in her photographs of people and places. Liz is a consummate professional when it comes to copy deadlines and aside from that she’s a joy to be with – always ready to have fun and up for a challenge!

Lesley Williams

Editor, The Bay Magazine, Swansea

I have worked with Liz for several years covering discussions, events and interviews, her approach is creative and well-thought through. The result is high quality images that bring the coverage of business events and interactions to life.

Douglas Friedli

Editor, Wales Business Insider

Liz Barry


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