Hello I am Liz Barry a UK based a freelance professional photographer my background lies in documentary photography covering editorial and corporate commissions and in recent years travel, pursuing my passion, enriched by my love of writing. My career started in New York, where I began to master my craft, which then led me back to Wales. Subsequently  on to London before working as a expedition photographer in Oman and Brunei. Afterwards I returned to Wales to pursue my career, my images have appeared internationally in newspapers, magazines, travel guides, books and exhibitions.

I am also a photo educator and have taught for over a decade through workshops, classes and individuals, I also give talks which cover my travel experiences and photography.

Living in Swansea on the doorstep of  the Gower Peninsula which was the first place in Britain to be designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty fuels my love of the outdoors. However what I love most of all is travelling and the people I meet along the journey, capturing the essence of a moment, whether it be beautiful light, a breath taking landscape or catching the fleeting emotion on a person’s face which may only last an instant but what it conveys endures far longer.

If my work is of interest to you please get in touch contact details below.

Liz Barry


145 Gwynedd Avenue
Swansea SA1 6LJ,
South Wales, UK

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