Juhu Beach, Mumbai

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Juhu beach is one of India’s best known seaside locations, an expanse of white sand washed by the Arabian Sea against a back drop of palm trees, high rise hotels and apartment blocks in one of Mumbai’s more sought after suburbs. Where the calming sound of the sea transports you from the busy city right on its doorstep to a far more tranquil place.

A location where joggers and walkers catch the morning breeze, families picnic at the weekends and crowds come to watch the sunset and eat in the many street food stalls.

On a hot day visitors cool off by eating Gola, balls of ice on a stick, dipped in sweet and sour flavours selected from the rainbow display of glass bottles lining the counter tops. Equally colourful is the vibrant orangey red of pav bhaji one of Mumbai’s culinary exports a meal in itself, a blend of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, vegetables and pav bhaji masala a powdered spice. A dish that sends cholesterol levels through the roof laced with copious amounts of butter which is also true for the pav or bread like rolls served with it to soak up the mouth-watering mash.

Iskcon Temple

If you find yourself in this the area during the day time and want a respite from the sun you can visit the white marble Iskcon temple just a few streets away. A beautiful place where followers of Lord Krishna visit daily and make offerings to the exquisite idols within. An atmosphere of peace and serenity pervades the cool inner hall, a place where you can immerse yourself in the moment, soothed by the echoing words “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” chanted by devotees

Shree Mukteshwar Temple

As you leave through the gate of Iskcon temple the soothing white structure is quickly forgotten, across the way your eyes are drawn to the vibrant painted yellow and red trimmed seven storey Shree Mukteshwar Temple which is a 400 year old Shiva Temple full of beauty and history.

The entrance graced by a pair of white elephant statues leads into a small courtyard with an ancient holy Banyan tree. Leading off this are numerous chambers where painted friezes decorate the walls, beneath a continual line of worshippers who pass by carrying trays and baskets of offerings, pinkie mauve lotus, deep blue orchids, coconut halves, bananas, small silver vessels of milk and oil and numerous other items. All blessed by priests, placed around the deities then prayers chanted, brass bells rung and the cycle of devotion continues.

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