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The beautiful gardens of Clyne nestled in greenery and woodland a stones through from the sandy beach at Blackpill, Swansea is a place to visit in all seasons.

Beginning in the spring time as the colourful red and purple rhododendrons begin to blossom, alongside the pale pastel pinks and peach azalea bushes.
Through to burnished reds and rusty browns of autumn leaves.

The gardens were established by Admiral Algernon Walker-Heneage-Vivian who owned Clyne from 1921 until his death in 1952. Many of the plants seen in the gardens have come from overseas as he sponsored collecting expeditions.
Autumn pathways
Clyne in Autumn
Red and green autumn Leaves
A stone bridge and an Admirals tower along with a Gazebo sit amongst the grounds. Several small ponds, twisting streams and a miniature waterfall that cascades over rocks beneath a bright red painted Japanese bridge all add to the charm.
Japanese bridge
fallen leaves Clyne Gardens
Japanese bridge
There is even a bog garden where primulas and irises are dwarfed by the monster Gunnera manicata, known as giant rhubarb, is a species of flowering plant from Brazil. So tall that you can stand beneath the dark green leaves and shelter in a rain shower.
Golden Autumn leaves
Frost on leaves
Robin Clyne Gardens
For me Autumn is my favourite time to visit, as leaves rustle underfoot and I watch squirrels scamper over fallen tree stumps gathering nuts for their winter store cupboard. Even on a damp misty morning, water droplets transform bunches of berries into glistening jewels.
Clyne In Autumn
The stillness wraps around you like a cloak as the days get shorter and the tress become bare. But still there is beauty as the twisted limbs reach skywards, pine cones fall and the garden eases into the rhythm of winter and slumbers.
Pine cones
fallen leaves Clyne Gardens
Pine cones
Autumn Clyne Gardens

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