Morning rituals and daily life Banganga Tank Mumbai

From the spring at Banganga Tank sweet water flows and the rhythm of daily life unfolds. Men, women and children dowse themselves in the cleansing water at the start of the day. Holy men clothed in white sit crossed legged, preparing offerings laid with care along the stone steps of the Tank. Copper pots are dipped into the waters held over head and silent prayers said. Sweet scent from incense sticks fills the air, wispy spirals of smoke rise into the still morning and daily devotions takes place. As the warmth of the sun begins to filter down through the surrounding houses and trees the calm atmosphere draws you in and time passes as you sit and watch the white ducks cross the rippling surface of the water. It is a welcoming place a hidden gem in a busy city that leaves a lasting memory, such a special experience.

Morning at Banganga Tank

Daily life within and around the holy site of Banganga Tank.

Asleep on the steps. Sleeping companions.

Elegant poise and beauty of two ladies.

Looking at the world through the eyes of the children growing up within the calm and serene surroundings of Banganga Tank.

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