Banganga Tank Mumbai

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An early morning walk around Banganga Tank a peaceful haven in the midst of chaotic Mumbai.

Banganga Tank is an ancient water tank at the heart of the Walkeshwar Temple Complex hidden away in the Malabar Hill area of Mumbai. Legend says the water first sprang up when Lord Rama rested at here while on a mission to save his wife Sita from the Demon King Ravana in Lanka. He asked his brother Laksham for water who was accompanying him, an arrow he shot hit the ground and water spouted from that very spot. It is thought to be a subterranean tributary of the Ganges which flows over five thousand miles away, hence the tanks name Banganga from two words-Baan (arrow) and Ganga (River Ganges)

It is one of the cities holiest sites as the water is believed to have healing powers and remains sweet even though it is only a stones through from the sea. An air of peace and tranquillity flows around the rectangular pool surrounded by steps which offer a place to sit in silence away from the honking car horns and busy streets of Mumbai.

A spiritual place where Holy Men sit in prayer warmed by the soft morning light.

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