Crymlyn Burrows is a nature reserve that follows the shoreline between the Bay campus in Swansea and Neath Estuary. The dunes, beach and saltmarsh are a protected area a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) important as a wildlife habitat, for bird life and plants. Only a stone’s throw from the busy city centre of Swansea it is a quiet haven, the expanse of golden sands a place of solitude shared by a handful of dog walkers and families exploring the shell encrusted beach.

Sun bleached driftwood lies wedged in deep dark crevasses between oversize grey stone boulders of the sea wall veiled by the greens oranges and blues of tangled fishermen’s nets, cascading like waterfalls cast adrift by the tide and washed to the shore.

The water’s edge mobbed by bands of gulls their piercing cries carried on the salty air. In the distance the faint outline of Mumbles Head and lighthouse wraps around the coast and in the other direction spiralling plumes of smoke drift into the clouds from the man made structure of Port Talbot Steelworks.

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